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Healthy Kids

How to be healthy Kids

Kids are the angel of earth. The home which has kids gives a different atmosphere in home, also the family members. We love them and care them all times. So it is important to us how we make our kids healthy. In here I discuss this topics hoe to be kids healthy. Interested persons (parents, doctors, teachers and others) want to know how to help children become healthier.

Healthy kids

Being healthy is a way of saying that a person eats well, gets a lot of physical activity (exercise) and has a weight healthy. If you are healthy, your body works well, feels good and can do everything you want, like playing with your friends.

Some steps only parents can take, such as serving healthy meals or deciding to take the family on a nature hike. But kids can take over when it comes to health.

If you want to be a healthy child, here are five rules to. The trick is to follow these rules most of the time, knowing that some days (like your birthday) might call for cake and ice cream.

Eat variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables:

You have a favorite food, but it is best to eat a variety. If you eat different foods, it is more likely to get the nutrients your body needs. Taste new foods and old ones you have not tried for a while. Some foods, like green leafy vegetables, are more pleasing the older you get. It aims to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables per day: two fruits and three vegetables is a combination that might work:

At breakfast: ½ cup (113 grams) (about 4 large) strawberries on your cereal
With lunch: 6 baby carrots
A snack: an apple
With dinner: ½ cup (113 grams) or 2 sprigs of broccoli and 1 cup salad

 Drink water and milk most often:

When you're really thirsty, nothing quenches thirst more than cold water. There is a reason why your school cafeteria offers cartons of milk. Kids need calcium to build strong bones pair, and milk is an excellent source of calcium. How much milk do children need? If you are under 9 years take 2 cups of milk per day or its equivalent. If you are over 9 deals with drinking 3 cups a day. To give you an idea, we include a list of foods and beverages:

2 cups (about a pint) of milk or milk fat little cream
a slice of cheddar cheese
½ cup (113 grams) of yogurt
Chances are, from time to time want something other than milk or water. So you can take a 100% juice. But try to limit sugary drinks like sodas and juices and fruit punches. They contain lots of sugar. Sugar just adds calories, not important nutrients.

Listen to your body:

What do you feel when you're full? When you're eating, notice how your body feels and when your stomach feels comfortably full. Sometimes people eat too much because he does not notice when they need to stop eating. Eating too much can make you feel uncomfortable and, after a while, take you to unhealthy weight gain.

Limit time in front of the screen:

What is the time in front of the screen? It is the time you spend watching TV, DVDs and videos, playing handheld computer games and computer use. The more time you spend on these activities, the less time you have left available for active stuff, like basketball, cycling and swimming. Try to spend no more than two hours a day on a screen without using the computer for homework.

Be active:

One job you have as a child (and fun) is to realize which activities you like. Not everyone loves baseball or soccer. Perhaps we passionate about karate, kickball or dancing. Ask your parents to help you do your favorite activities regularly. Find ways to be active every day. You could even make a list of fun activities for reference when your mom or dad says it's time to stop watching TV or playing computer games!

Speaking of parents, they can be accessible if you demand to be a advantageous child. For example, they can banal the abode with advantageous foods and plan concrete activities for the family. Talk to your parents about these bristles accomplish you demand to booty and maybe you can advise an affair or two. If you are a healthy, why not accept a advantageous mom and a dad?


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