Friday, November 16, 2012

Development Problems of Child

Child Development problems

As your child grows, it is normal to ask yourself whether it is achieving normal developmental goals. Chances are that your son is developing normally at their own pace. So do not worry. 

Most children reach the goals set, as the toilet alone, riding a tricycle and speak clearly, about the due dates, and if not, then do it.
However, if your child really shows a delay in any area of development, the earlier you detect it better, so you can immediately begin treatment.

Child developmental delay

Doctors use this term when a child does not achieve its development goals within the broad spectrum of what is considered normal.
The delay could be seen in one or more areas as coordination or fine motor skills (such as holding a pencil and writing) in their gross motor (like jumping or stacking blocks) or in their language and communication skills (both "receptive" to relate to understanding and "expressive" or related to speech).
Also in their self-help skills (for example: toileting and dressing,) and in their social skills (eye contact and play with other people). 

Development problems of child