Thursday, July 11, 2013

Heat stroke and your child care in the summer

In the summer days child are more affected than adult. Parents have to take proper care of them. Take safety measures if your child in the sun wears them comfortable cotton clothes, put a cap in their head and used sun screen and give them enough liquid foods or juices or saline. Try to keep them inside places in midday of summer.
Heat stroke and your child care in the summer

More often parents are leaved their child in the car for short time shopping or other works. But it is the most common cause of heat stroke in children up to four years, has warned the Security Committee Coordinator and Injury Prevention Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP).

Since the child's body temperature rises three to five times faster than in adults due to lower water reservoir, are the smallest victims of major cases of hypothermia, a serious disorder that occurs as a result of increased body temperature, which usually occurs in less than 20 minutes and can even cause death in two hours.

In fact, as experts have warned, during the summer months the temperature inside the car can climb to 10-15 degrees in less than a quarter of an hour. Also, leave the windows open all or part of it is not certain, because air fails to reduce the rate of increase in temperature.

"The respiratory system of children is still developing and making them more vulnerable to heat exhaustion. So it is prolonged and the child's body fluids are not replaced, there is heat stroke which is the way more severe damage caused by high temperatures and impending threatening the child's life, what constitutes a real emergency” insisted the AEP experts.

Thus, experts have advised that if heat stroke is severe the child take a cool, ventilated, you remove clothing and be offered oral re-hydration solution. It is also advisable to cool the neck and wrists with a damp cloth, soil raising and fanning feet to facilitate perspiration. However, and although the child is better is required to take to the doctor's point a more accurate diagnosis of heat stroke.


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