Friday, August 23, 2013

Childhood Diabetes and its prevention

For many years it was thought that diabetes was only a disease unique to adults , that might well occur during youth, as in the case of type 1, or older as type 2, but unfortunately with the rapid growth of obesity in children science discovered that this condition can also affect children. This condition delicate can be avoided by parents, so in here we give you the keys so you know how to prevent childhood diabetes.

Childhood Diabetes and its prevention

From 1st days to adult period of life, parents are the main responsible of establishing small feeding habits they will later, so it is important to create a healthy routine for them in order to prevent this disease.

Breast feeding: If you are on your chest to give your child instead of opting for a bottle from his birth, breast milk protects and creates defenses, making it less vulnerable to childhood diabetes.

Physical activity in children: It is very important to promote physical activity in children. Do they practice one or more sports to play in the street, and keep it moving away from a sedentary lifestyle?